What’s Going on at the IRS and the taxpayer is paying the price!!!

Well this Article about the IRS explains why I was on hold yesterday for 1 hour the first time and two and a half hours the second time, and neither time was I able to get anything accomplished because I didn’t have Power of Attorney on the Client but I DID prepare their tax returns, go figure the inefficiency of our Government and IRS. There is a place on the tax return that the taxpayer can authorize me, their CPA, as a third party designee, BUT it is only good for the initial filing. There is something seriously wrong with out system when I person who prepared the return can’t call the IRS and try to resolve any questions or issues. On both clients I call on behalf of the mistake was the IRS’s not the clients, who’s working those files and what are they doing is what I would like to know?

http://www.nbcnews.com/business/why-customer-service-irs-bad-could-get-worse-2D11931818irs office

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