Women and Money – Statistics

Facts about money and the female life span:

  • For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 77 cents, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics. (In 1970, that number was 69 cents. At this rate, it will take more than 150 years to level out that discrepancy.)
  • Almost half of working women earn less than $6.33 an hour.
  • Women represent 40% of the workforce, but only 5% of senior executives.
  • Married Baby Boomer women can expect to outlive their husbands by 15-20 years on the average.
  • Single mothers and the 20 million displaced homemakers are 4x more likely than others to be poor.
  • Fifty percent of women over 65 are widows. Median yearly income: African Americans, $5,938; whites, $9,366.
  • Eighty-seven percent of the elderly poor are women.
  • A woman who works full-time for 40 years will earn $523,000 less than her male counterpart. (At 65 years of age, that extra half a million dollars could keep her from becoming one of the elderly poor.)

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