Greatest Advice book cover editedYou will discover the Laws for Life, and when applied, will provide the most exciting, enjoyable and happy life one can imagine!  The Greatest Advice Ever Given unfolds from King Solomon, the wisest and richest man who ever lived, who got his wisdom from God!

The process of application to daily living of the Laws for Life includes:  Personal Encounters,

Biblical Stewardship, Personal Financial Success, Debt Management, Family Financial Planning, Investment, Tax, Retirement, Business and Estate Planning, Health Enhancement and Happy and Joyful Living.

The referrals  to the  Book of Proverbs, are for guidance, enhancing a joyous, exciting and  successful life, whether you are young, older, still working or retired.                           

It takes a lifetime of living to understand life without the application of the Laws for Life established in Proverbs.  Application guarantees to enhance your Life on Earth to heights never before experienced as you apply THE GREATEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN!

The idea of an author with guest authors is from Prov. 15:22 – there is success in many counselors.  The best have been chosen in Mr. Lloyd Copenbarger, L.L.M., Estate Planning Attorney, Mr. Fred Vaught, ChFC, CLU, QKA, Retirement Specialist and Ms. Brenda K. Calkins, Business Accountant, Certified Public Accountant.

Chapters on Health and Happiness emphasize that these key elements of life should be the  FIRST PRIORITY GOALS.

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The authors and co-authors of The Greatest Advice Ever Given would like to extend a special thanks to the artist Victor Bregeda for the books cover “Tree of Knowledge” more of Victor’s art can be seen at